Meet Debra Sheldon

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Meet Debra Sheldon

  As An Animal Behaviorist,

Good Samaritan, Animal Control Officer, President & Founder of a not for profit organization specializing in the raising and training of lead dogs for the sightless in association with being a community active Professional Dog Obedience Instructor 

      I Have Developed The Gateway Puppies  

                                   Discover My :                                          

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  I enjoying educating the public, through kind and loving training techniques, pet rescues, animal adoptions, public speaking and offering a helping hand                         

 Consider Me Your Personal How To Puppy Manuel 
 I have been professionally training & working with animals for more than 35 years. Animals capture my heart and I have truly been gifted in being their voice. They most certainly have been a lifelong endeavor (passion)


Grand Opening October 2010

The Treasured Pet Gardens – Wall Of Honor

Grand Opening October 2010      Visit Here – Entrance

The Treasured Pet Gardens – Wall Of Honor

Honoring The Pets Of Today! 

 While Embracing The Ones That Walked Before Them

Wall Of Honor

See Ceremonial Video!

The Grounds Where Treasured Pets Are Honored


Now Open

The Neighborhood Mall

Pet Center

Pet CenterEntrance

 Large Selection Of Kong – Durable  Puppy & Dog Toys


100 % Complementary

My Gateway To Puppies

Crate Training Secrets 

FREE- Easy Steps To Crate Training!

Where Love Is In The House

Crate Training Secrets      

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